Zelensky outlined the condition for accelerating the Ukrainian counteroffensive
Zelensky outlined the condition for accelerating the Ukrainian counteroffensive

Zelensky outlined the condition for accelerating the Ukrainian counteroffensive

According to President Volodymyr Zelensky, to hasten the counteroffensive of the Ukrainian military, the reinforcement of air defense systems is necessary, as the aggressive Russian army dominates the Ukrainian sky.

What are the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to speed up the counteroffensive?

“We don’t have enough air defense systems, so Russia controls the sky. What will happen when we have sufficient air defense systems from our partners? Our forces will move forward. No, they will run ahead, and it will go faster. Because we can’t use our people as meat, as the Russians do,” explains the head of state.

He stressed that without a sufficient amount of air defense systems in Ukraine and the enemy controlling the sky, acceleration of the counteroffensive will not happen.

“Our top request to our partners is to balance our air force. We must wait a long time for F-16s due to training and so on, but air defense systems is a faster solution. I talked about this with Biden – not to give us PVO, but to manufacture it together. It’s expensive, and we don’t need gifts. This is important; it’s also about jobs,” emphasized Zelensky.

He also urged partners to provide Ukraine with air defense systems before the winter period.

“Our message to the world, the United States, Europe, and Asia, is to give us air defense systems, to lease it, especially for the winter,” emphasized the head of the state.

Ukraine may change the strategy of war against Russia

Zelensky noted that the military and political leadership of Ukraine is considering the possibility of changing the strategy in the criminal war imposed by Russia.

“Our military are devising various plans, different operations, to advance more rapidly and deliver unexpected blows to the Russian Federation,” emphasized the head of state.

According to him, Ukrainian military has no other alternative.

“What’s the alternative? There isn’t any because this is not only a matter for Ukraine but one of European security. Putin will continue, attacking NATO countries… One of the alternatives I’ve heard: give Putin what he wants? What does that mean? Give away 30% of our land?” emphasized the president.

He mentioned that recent statements by representatives of the U.S. army and other partner countries about a stalemate in the war do not correspond to reality.

“They thought they would defeat us, but that didn’t happen. I don’t think it’s a stalemate,” believes Zelensky.

The U.S. Congress needs to approve the issue of aid to Ukraine

The head of state urged American congressmen to maintain military support for Ukraine from the U.S.

In response to American politicians who oppose further military aid to Ukraine, he pointed out that this might eventually lead to Russia’s attack on NATO countries.

“If Russia beats us all, they’ll attack NATO countries, and you’ll send your sons and daughters there. And, sorry, but the price will be higher,” Zelensky believes.

Zelensky also urged Congress “not to lose courage, not to lose this strong position, and not to lose democracy.”

At the same time, he affirmed his conviction that the fight to overturn the invasion and occupation by the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin of part of Ukraine’s territory places the country at the forefront in the battle for Western democracy, Europe, and ‘our common values.’

In his scenario of the consequences of any Russian invasion of a NATO country, he referred to the position on the alliance’s collective defense.

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